Mataranka Tindall Limestone Aquifer Water Allocation Plan

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The Tindall Limestone Aquifer in the Mataranka region is a small part of the expansive groundwater resource called the Daly Sedimentary Basin. The draft Water Allocation Plan for the Tindall Limestone Aquifer, Mataranka has been developed with the understanding that there is a possibility of future demand on the resource.

Water discharges from the Tindall Limestone Aquifer through Bitter and Rainbow springs and provides Mataranka with a successful and booming tourism industry which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year to the region. The springs in turn feed the Roper River which support fishing, swimming and other water related activities. Water used by the environment, and for recreational benefit is termed non-consumptive use. Water for non-consumptive purposes will be allocation to the beneficial use of water for environmental, Indigenous cultural and other instream public benefits.

The Tindall Limestone Aquifer also provides water for consumptive use in the Mataranka region. Bores are used to extract water for drinking through the Power and Water Corporation's reticulated systems in Mataranka and Jilkmiggian as well as supplying individual properties with human and livestock drinking water through stock and domestic water. Other consumptive uses are through industry and agricultural water use.


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