Katherine Tindall Limestone Aquifer Water Allocation Plan

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The Water Allocation Plan for the Tindall Limestone Aquifer in Katherine  was declared in 2009. The Tindall Limestone Aquifer represents one of the Territory's highest yielding, good quality groundwater resources. To preserve a good level of health, the plan sets out an optimistic vision to ensure that the aquifer is managed sustainably with a balance between the environment and all other users.

The Plan describes the hydrology and interaction of the Tindall Limestone Aquifer with the Katherine River and describes a range of current and future regional water needs. It sets a direction for future water resource management with a flexible approach that will account for climate variability from year to year.

The WAP was written over 2007, 2008 and 2009 by the Water Resource Division, Department of Land Resource Management, Northern Territory Government. The content of the WAP was developed in partnership with the Katherine Water Advisory Committee (KWAC), consisting of 12 voting members representing various sectors of the Katherine community.

The Plan wil be reviewed during 2015.  The review process provides an opportunity to assess progress and fine tune the Plan based on new information gained through its monitoring program.   


For further information please contact the Katherine Water Resource Planner on (08) 8973 8839.