Water Allocation Plans

About Water Allocation Planning 

Water Allocation Plans can be declared for one or multiple water sources, surface or groundwater. They provide a blueprint for future sustainability by establishing a framework to share water between human and environmental needs. They are developed through detailed technical and scientific assessment as well as extensive community consultation to determine the right balance between competing requirements for water.

Water Allocation Plans are declared under the NT Water Act. They detail the area and water resource to which the plan applies, as well as the vision, objectives, strategies and performance indicators of the plan.

Also included in these plans are:

  • the basis for water allocation planning, climatic variability and methods for making available water determinations
  • rules for the assessment of licences to take water assigned to various beneficial uses;
  • limits to the availability of water;
  • rules to enable water licences to be adjusted during times of severe climate variability;
  • rules for managing licences to take water assigned to various beneficial use;
  • rules for water trading;
  • mandatory conditions for licences and permits issued under the NT Water Act; and
  • monitoring programs to evaluate the performance of the plan and to inform a review.

When finalised, a Water Allocation Plan has a maximum life of ten years and a maximum review period of five years. The review will draw on past experience and knowledge coupled with the outcomes of the monitoring program to establish how the plan may change and evolve to meet the needs of the future. Through stakeholder involvement, long term resource management approaches will be coordinated. 

Managing our water resources involves investigation, use, control, protection and allocation. Before developing a management plan, consideration is given to social, economic and environmental objectives, and the capacity of the water source. Water is finite and the Territory's pristine water resources need to be protected for future generations. This is why the government is working towards developing Water Allocation Plans for each region.

Below is a list of Water Allocation Plans that have been declared and are in progress. To view the map click here

Declared Water Allocation Plans
Alice Springs Water Resource Strategy
Katherine (Tindall Limestone Aquifer) Water Allocation Plan
Ti Tree Water Allocation Plan
Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan
Water Allocation Plans in Progress
Berry Springs Water Allocation Plan
Howard East Water Allocation Plan
Great Artesian Basin Water Control District
Mataranka (Tindall Limestone Aquifer) Water Allocation Plan
Oolloo Aquifer Water Allocation Plan

For further information contact the Water Resources Water Planner in the relevant region below;

Darwin Ph: (08) 8999 4613
Katherine Ph: (08) 8973 8839
Alice Springs Ph: (08) 8999 4830