Water Licensing and Permits

The Water Resources Division administers the regulatory functions of the NT Water Act. This includes permits and licences for Surface Water and Groundwater extraction and water bore drilling. The section also assess compliance under the NT Water Act in relation to Surface Water and Groundwater Extraction Licences, Construct or Alter Works (Dams/ Interference with a Water Way), Bore Construction Permits and the investigation of breaches under the NT Water Act.

Below are a list of application forms under the NT Water Act and associated information to assist you with understanding regulatory and compliance issues related to surface water and groundwater management in the NT.

Bore Construction Permits 


A bore located outside of a Water Control District (WCD) does not require a Bore Construction Permit (BCP) from the Department. However, you will be required to give notification to the Department of Health (DoH) pursuant to the Public Health Act and the Public Health (Night-Soil, Garbage, Cesspits, Wells and Water) Regulations. Futher information can be obtained from the Department of Health's website by clicking here.

Groundwater Extraction Licences 

Surface Water Extraction Licence 

Construct or Alter Works
(Dams/Interference with a Waterway and Roadworks)

Application for Appeals

For further information phone your relevant Licensing office for details;

Darwin (08) 8999 3632
Katherine (08) 8973 8831
Alice Springs (08) 8951 9215

Email: waterresources@nt.gov.au


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